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If you are looking for a great venue, a fun, memorable and affordable party, then a Dark Zone laser tag or Indoor Rock Climbing Party is a perfect option for your special day. Guaranteed to provide non-stop entertainment for your guests, as well as offering everything else for your action-packed no fuss party.

We also host the perfect party for teenagers or any group function with unlimited climbing & laser tag games every Saturday night between 6-8 pm 


Day Magic

1 ½ hours, Minimum of 10 people.  

Climbing, caving, ladders and a party room ready to go. 

Price: 10 years and under $15 pp, 

11 years and over $20 pp

Climb & Dark Zone Laser


2 hours, Minimum of 10 maximum of 15 people.

Climbing, caving, ladders with 1 game of Dark Zone Laser and a party room ready to go.

Price: 10 years and under $20pp. 11years and over $25 per person



2  hours, Minimum of 10 people.

UNLIMITED Night Climbing and Dark Zone Laser 6pm to 8.00pm Saturday nights which includes a party room ready to go.

Price: $25 per person Now that's great value!

Laser Package 1


Package 1 Minimum of 10 & Maximum of 15 players

1 ½ hour use of party room and including 2 games of Dark Zone Laser Tag.

Price $200 for up to 10 players and $20 per player thereafter. 

Laser Package 2

They’ll never forget!

Package 2 Minimum of 10 & maximum of 15 players

2 hour use of the party room and including 3 games of Dark Zone Laser Tag.

Price $250 for up to 10 players and $25 per player thereafter.


Invitations - are included.

Food - We supply you with a party room which is ready to go tablecloths, decoration and balloons. The parties are self catered so keep it simple! Drinks, snack food, cups, plates and a cake. There is also a fridge and microwave available for your use. If you would like to order in pizza we have a special deal with Black Box Pizza, just let one of the staff know when you arrive & we’ll order it for you. The pizzas are $16.95 each with a minimum of three. Please note that pizzas cannot be delivered before 11.40am.

Belay – Child under 10 year old require a parent/helper to hold their ropes. We recommend 1 belayer for 2-3 children.

Clothing – No Thongs (or skirts for rock climbing), joggers and board shorts recommended. Girls are also advised to wear full length T-shirt as a harness will need to be placed around their waist.

Note: Deposit/Payment is required on all party bookings and is non-refundable.

We have made our parties easy for parents and fun for kids.

52 Jindalee Rd Port Macquarie  02 6581 3899 

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