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Do you need to book in for climbing or laser tag?
Laser tag requires you to book in, we can't guarantee there will be space for you if you don't book in. Climbing normally doesn't require to be booked, feel free to come down when you want, if you're coming in a group of 10 or more give us a call. 

Can I climb barefoot?
No, to be able to climb you will need to wear enclosed shoes. This also means thongs/sandles won't do, with all the beaches around we have climbing shoes and socks for hire should you not bring some enclosed shoes on your visit.

What about laser tag do you need shoes in there?
Yes, it all comes down to safety. Although we're happy for you to wear whatever footwear you're comfortable with.

Can I climb by myself?
We do have a section where you can climb by yourself, it's for bouldering(no ropes climbing). To be able to use our normal walls you will need to bring someone to hold your ropes, our staff unfortunately can't help you out with this.

How old do you need to be to hold ropes?
To be able to belay or hold ropes for someone you will need to be at least 11 years old, you won't be able to belay until you have turned 11 years.

I want to start climbing but I don't know anyone to climb with?
That's ok, every Tuesday and Thursday after 5.30pm until 9pm is our social nights. This is the best time to come in when all our climbers meet up, a fair few come in by themselves and climb with whoever is free at the time. The best part is we are lucky to have a very friendly and supportive group of regulars.

Am I able to bring in my chalk bag?
Centre of Gravity has a no loose chalk policy. If your chalk bag has a chalk ball inside, that is permitted. Liquid chalk is also allowed to be used. 

Is there an age limit for climbing or laser tag?
For climbing the youngest is 3 years and our oldest climber was 90 years! Laser tag is suited for 4 years and we have had people well into there 80's play.

Is there a weight limit for climbing?
We have a maximum weight limit of 120kgs for climbing.

Can I bring in my own food?
Only party bookings are permitted to bring in cakes and food ($50 service fee will apply if done so) or using the party room to hold food during Laser Games

52 Jindalee Rd Port Macquarie  02 6581 3899 

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