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Rock climbing is a challenging combination of balance, co-ordination and effective body movement and more importantly immensely fun.  It appeals to both genders and is fun for all ages. Indoor rock climbing is one of those activities you always remember.  It’s great for confidence building! Our kiddie section has a range of climbs designed for 3 years old and over.  There are also nearly 200 metres of caving Sequences for the kids to work their way through.

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Top Rope


This belay device will help hold and lower the climber to the ground in a safe and controlled manner.  Top rope climbing develops the foundation for the movements that bouldering builds on.

Instruction is provided for all new participants.

Lead Climbing

Climbers Progression

Before lead Climbing you must demonstrate correct clipping techniques.  

Proper Training Is Essential and you must have an induction with one of Centre of Gravity's qualified staff members.  For all enquiries please ask at reception.


Short but sweet

Boulder problems are much shorter than roped climbs and are often the 'crux' of a climb. As there are no ropes, climbers land on padded matting. This activity can be done solo or with friends. One of the pluses to bouldering is you can get a lot of climbing done a short amount of time.


Our Walls meet International Standard.

The walls went up for the 2009 Sport Climbing Australia National Difficulty Titles and the AUSTRALIA v NEW ZEALAND Oceania Cup. We are proud to boast that out centre is of an international standard!

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Climbing How To

Climbing How To

Climbing How To
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Centre of Gravity - Smearing

Centre of Gravity - Smearing

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Centre of Gravity - Rock on

Centre of Gravity - Rock on

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Centre of Gravity - Toe Hook

Centre of Gravity - Toe Hook

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